Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Tom Mullica- #2, DVD


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Effects Included: - Blown Away- Pencil Thru Hank- The Mouse- The Indian Bean Mystery- Breaking Off a Button- Paperballs Overhead- Silk Production- Cork Transfer- Torn and Restored Bill- The Donut Mystery- Wand Transfer- Torn and Restored Cig Paper- Linking Paper Clips- A Card Force- Double X- Safari Cards- Mental Nine-...


Effects Included:

- Blown Away
- Pencil Thru Hank
- The Mouse
- The Indian Bean Mystery
- Breaking Off a Button
- Paperballs Overhead
- Silk Production
- Cork Transfer
- Torn and Restored Bill
- The Donut Mystery
- Wand Transfer
- Torn and Restored Cig Paper
- Linking Paper Clips
- A Card Force
- Double X
- Safari Cards
- Mental Nine
- Cut N' Restored Hank
- Match Mystery
- Travelling Match #1
- Penetrating Match
- Burned and Restored Napkin
- Weighing the Matches


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